Mark comes from lots of different places but this time around was born in March 1958 in Wolverhampton.


As an entrepreneur and polymath he divides his spare time between writing, film, music, drama and theatre. Since the mid-eighties he has written numerous articles and short stories on subjects ranging from clocks to computers to Custer.

In 1994 he wrote the acclaimed biography, Vangelis: The Unknown Man and in 1997 the new-age adventure novel going home. This was followed in 2006 by the novel Richard of Eastwell  based on his love of history and theatre. The Cathar Prophecy, his third novel followed in 2007. The novel Angel House was published in early in 2011. He is currently working on a full length feature film screenplay, which tells the story of Lawrence of Arabia’s final years and his mysterious death.

His production company Gryffyn Productions, formed by Mark and his wife Ingrid, is a multi-media company which aims to produce feature films and theatre pieces.


The initial project “Lawrence: After Arabia” a full length feature film is now in production with funding and investment being gathered for post-production. Cast, filmmakers and locations have been chosen and shoots planned for March, May and June 2019. A background shoot in October 2018 has been completed. Mark is Producer/Director/Writer of the movie.

The film is a British and independent in the style of its predecessors and other classic British films such as “The King’s Speech”, “Ghandi” and  “Chariots of Fire”.


Mark J.T. Griffin